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  • 1. History

    the metin2 private server -arashi3- is the direct follower of arashi2. arashi2 went down after 1.5 years due to technical problems and now the stoneold staffteam works on a new server.
  • 2. Concept

    on arashi3 there is a strict non pay2win policy which we try to keep up. everything is available ingame and a smart uppsystem will create long time playjoy.
  • 3. Forefathers
    the staffteam that worked on arashi2 will be the same in arashi3. our team contains 6 members with alot of fun to play and stamina. we are constantly working on offering a permanent contact possibility for all the player in order to make the game experience as good as possible.
  • 4. And much more!
    on arashi3 there is alot more to discover! the past has shown us how creative the metin2 community is which leads us to the thought that rapid and big updates will be no problem. the arashi3 team hopes to see all of you and your progress!